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Designs for Health ProbioMed 50


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A high potency probiotic formulation consist of ten of the most highly-researched probiotic strains.

The diversity and therapeutically significant quantities of these specific strains target gastrointestinal health to address common gastrointestinal conditions, bowel function, and varying degrees of dysbiosis associated with lifestyle or life-stage, antibiotic therapy, dietary imbalances or stress.

This family of products also possesses specific strains that have strong immunomodulatory actions to mature and enhance the immune system during all life stages. These formulations are offered in two potencies: 50 and 100 billion CFUs. This allows for a highly diverse range of use and extensive titration options.

May be helpful for:

  • Maintaining good beneficial gut flora and intestinal health
  • Relieving symptoms of eczema and dermatitis
  • High potency, broad-spectrum maintenance formula for healthy microflora replenishment
  • Combines 10 boutique strains at therapeutically significant dosages
  • Evidence-based formulations – the strains are heavily researched and validated
  • Specific strain identification with disclosed CFU count
  • Shelf-stable, long shelf life and guarantees delivery of stated CFU count

Size: 30 capsules