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MTHFR Support Methyl B12


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Methylcobalamin is the methylated, activated form of B12 which the body can readily absorb and use. Other forms of B12, such as cyanocobalamin, need to be converted into an active form before the body can use them.

Chewable B12 allows the B12 to be absorbed directly through the mucosal membrane that lines your mouth. This means that it gets into the bloodstream without having to go through the gastrointestinal tract.

Ideal for those with GIT disturbances.

Chewable tablets are also perfect for children that cannot swallow capsules.

Adults: chew ¼ tablet daily for the first week. Then increase to ½ tablet for the next week and continue until you reach ½ – 1 tablet daily.

Children over 4 years: chew ¼ – ½ tablet daily.

Do not introduce methyl folate until B12 is introduced for at least 2 weeks.

Size: 60 chewable tablets