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A super-blend of the Daoist herbal tradition’s most revered Jing herbs. Unified to cultivate energy in the kidneys and adrenals, this potent blend supports healthy hormone function, stamina and libido.

Jing is the Chinese word for ‘essence’ – specifically Kidney essence.

In the ancient Daoist tradition, fatigue, weakness and hormonal imbalance, were all considered a result of jing depletion. This nourishing Jing blend is designed to restore and ignite Jing energy and promote vitality.

Traditional Support: core energy, adrenal health, kidney function, hormone balance, stamina, libido.

Ingredients: wild and semi-wild prepared he shou wu, semi-wild eucommia bark, cultivated cordyceps CS-4, semi-wild morinda, semi-wild rehmannia root, semi-wild dendrobium stem extract powders.

Sourced: Di Tao where possible from traditional herb-producing regions of China.

Serving Suggestion: start with ¼ – ½ tsp daily. Stir into hot water or plant milk for an instant tonic tea. Works well in hot or cold drinks, broths and meals.

Size: 50g